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Plate and frame filter
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One: Introduction of plate and frame filter press

板框式压滤机是根据板框过滤原理设计生产的 ,生产经验已有 20 多年。 Xi'an Yongxing plate and frame filter press is designed and manufactured according to the principle of plate and frame filtration , and has more than 20 years of production experience .


滤板采用增强聚丙烯滤板采用多项技术模压而成。 1. The filter plate is made of reinforced polypropylene. The surface is smooth and smooth, high strength, light weight, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic and tasteless.

2. The filter press is configured by PLC automatic control and relay control, etc. The operation panel is simple and safe, and is equipped with various safety devices to ensure the safety of the operator. The frame is made of high-strength steel welded parts. The frame is high in strength, stable in structure, and long in service life.

3. The automatic pull plate device on the main beam of the filter press is made of stainless steel, which is durable.

4. The automatic hydraulic device is used as the automatic mechanism for pressing and releasing the filter plate, and the automatic pressure holding is realized by the electric contact pressure gauge.

5. The filter press is divided into open flow and under flow. The filter cake can be washable and non-washable. If you need to dry the filter cake, you can blow in compressed air to reduce the moisture content.

大过滤压力为 1.0MPa,是悬浮液固液分离的理想设备。 6. The maximum filtration pressure is 1.0MPa, which is an ideal equipment for solid-liquid separation of suspensions.

7, can take the automatic wetted flap.

8.The automatic complete filter press adopts PLC control, automatic pressure holding, automatic opening of the pull plate and unloading. The main beam uses rectangular bridge steel, good rigidity, resistance to side bending, simple operation, flexibility and reliable performance. There is a remote control interface.


产品的设计 Product design

可广泛应用于制药、生化、食品饮料、水处理、酿造、环保等行业,是各类液体进行过滤、澄清、提纯处理的 设备。 1. It can be widely used in pharmaceutical, biochemical, food and beverage, water treatment, brewing, environmental protection and other industries. It is a device for filtering, clarifying and purifying various liquids .

该机由过滤床,油泵和粗过滤器等组成。 2. This machine is composed of filter bed, oil pump and coarse filter. The filter plate and filter frame are lined with filter paper or filter cloth as the filter medium. The filter plate and the filter frame are fixed to form a separate filter chamber by the pressure of the pressing device, and the filter paper is compressed between the filter plate and the filter frame Or filter cloth plays a filtering role. It has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation and low running cost.


西安板框式压滤机 Third, Xi'an plate and frame filter press

通过气动阀门排渣,可很好的降低工人劳动强度 ; 1. Slag discharge through pneumatic valve can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers ;

不用使用滤布和滤纸,就可以大大降低过滤的成本 ; 2. Without the use of filter cloth and filter paper, the cost of filtration can be greatly reduced ;

运用全密闭式操作方式,非常环保,而且还没有物料损耗 ; 3. The use of fully enclosed operation is very environmentally friendly, and there is no material loss ;

当振动掉渣的时候,可以大大降低劳动强度来实现连续作业 ; 4. When the slag is dropped by vibration, the labor intensity can be greatly reduced to achieve continuous operation ;

液体中的料渣和活性碳进行过滤和脱水过滤的时候,也能够很好的代替板框过滤机,是过滤行业中的设备。 5. When the slag and activated carbon in the liquid are filtered and dehydrated, it can also replace the plate and frame filter. It is a device in the filtration industry.


Fourth, the working principle

致过滤液不能按着正常过滤路径流动,从而影响设备的工作效率和质量。 It is mainly responsible for filtering and separating. When it is working, the interior is full of filter fluid, and their internal energy is still very high. If there is a small place in the filter room that cannot be closed, this will cause the internal pressure of the filter room to be insufficient. High, resulting in the filtration fluid cannot flow along the normal filtration path, which affects the efficiency and quality of the equipment. In addition to the filtration liquid, it must continue to leak out from the unsealed place. This not only reduces the quality of the equipment, but also increases the useless power of the equipment, causing waste of equipment. 以可见,要使压滤机设备正常的工作就必须要过滤室实现密闭的效果。 Therefore , it can be seen that to make the filter press equipment work normally, the filter room must be sealed.


Five: Product parameters


Six, after-sales service

SU304 316L 或特殊材料制做,严格按合同要求执行生产销售。 1. The products sold by our company comply with food hygiene requirements, comply with industry and corporate standards, and parts in contact with materials are made of food grade SU304 , 316L or special materials, and production and sales are strictly performed according to contract requirements.

2. The company guarantees that the production line will meet the product technical performance indicators after it has been properly installed and commissioned.

3. The company guarantees that it is responsible for the quality of the equipment provided during the quality assurance period stipulated in the contract.

12 个月。 4. Quality guarantee period is 12 months after equipment acceptance . 48 小时内 ( 除特殊偏远地区 ) 到达现场、负责免费维修(易损件除外)。 If the product fails during the warranty period, after receiving the user information, the maintenance staff will arrive at the site within 48 hours ( except in special remote areas ) and be responsible for free maintenance (except for wearing parts).

5. After the warranty period expires, provide technical support and after-sales service for life.

酵素生产线、果酒设备、果汁饮料设备、酿醋设备、酵素生产线、乳品机械 等设备生产经验 20 多年,根据企业情况定制,已为多家食品制药企业提供优良装备及服务。 Xi'an Yongxing Machinery has more than 20 years of production experience in enzyme production lines, fruit wine equipment, fruit juice beverage equipment, vinegar equipment, enzyme production lines, dairy machinery and other equipment . It is customized according to the situation of the enterprise and has provided excellent equipment and services for many food and pharmaceutical companies.

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